Shelter rollout is gaining pace

Courtesy of Torch Publishing - 23/2/2005

Shelter rollout is gaining pace

torch_23022005_articleSheltered … Barry and Joan Reed, Mayor Robert Furolo, Metanious Elazzi and Councillor Karl Saleh at a new bus shelter in Riverwood. Photo by lee Constable.

Riverwood residents are benefiting from a new bus shelter with seating that has been installed as part of a Canterbury City wide roll out.

Councillor Karl Saleh said the community was consulted to find the best location in Riverwood for the shelter.

“I use this street everyday on my way to work and often see residents standing at this spot with no shelter,” Cr Saleh said. “We are happy this service has been provided.”

The latest shelter means 30 have been installed since 2002. They have been provided by AdShel who will maintain them at no cost to the council.

Canterbury mayor Robert Furolo said the bus shelter program is very popular with residents as it helps make waiting for a bus safer and more pleasant.

“This year, we’ve installed an extra six new shelters across the City, plus a whole range of new AdShelbus shelters on main roads,” Councillor Furolo said.

“We’ve also installed a new style of bus shelter that looks even better than the old style, and is easier to maintain.

“In addition to the new shelters we install every year, we’re now also installing new seating at bus stops as well.

“This has always been the responsibility of the State Transit Authority, but they don’t replace damaged seats anymore.

“This year we’re spending moe on bus shelters and seating than ever before.”