Karl (Khodr) Saleh arrived in Canterbury Area in 1985 from Lebanon. He has lived and worked in the Canterbury Bankstown area since his arrival.He is married to Nadia Saleh and they have four children, Mohsen, Kamal, Hady and their daughterRana. They are all born in Canterbury Hospital. They also all attended and graduated from the local schools.


Work and qualifications

Karl is the founder and managing director of AWMC It is an Australian Communication and Media consulting agency, established in 1997. He has qualifications in languages, interpreting,business management, journalism, international media and social and community development.


Community involvement

His community involvement in the Canterbury Area started in 1989 since moving with his family into the public housing department block in Kentucky Rd, River wood. At the time, the street was hit by a bad name and was sometimes referred to as the worst street in NSW. He decide to not sit and do nothing. Instead, he worked hard to improve the situation for the street and the area. He started to engage community volunteers in River wood Community Centre and also advocated of the interests of the River wood Housing Estate community at a Local, State and Federal level.


Elected Councillor

As a man who is known for his passionate local community advocacy , Karl joined the Labor party in 1991 and soon became the Labor candidate for his local Council in 2004. He has now been elected as Canterbury City Councillor for three consecutive terms in 2004, 2008 , and 2012. He also served as Deputy Mayor for three terms in 2008, 2012 and 2015. He was also recently appointed as member of the new City of Canterbury Bankstown “policy review committee for Community and Services”.

Party Positions

He has now been a member of ALP for more 21 years. Having worked in many State, Federal and Local Government Election Campaigns, he holds a range of local party positions, including Branch President (Riverwood Branches), Lakemba State Electorate Council Secretary, Watson FEC Vice president and a delegate to ALP NSW Annual Conference 2009 – 2017.



Karl Saleh’s achievements during his terms on council included the introduction of a new E-waste collection service for the safe disposal of old electronic equipment, the Multicultural Fire Awareness Program, the highly successful “Emerging Communities Resource Centre” (ECRS) in Lakemba  which caters for the various needs of local emerging communities, the Canterbury Interfaith Program and many more.

Community Work

Karl has always been passionate and committed to promoting cultural understanding to address many of the Community’s needs in the Canterbury Bankstown area, which is home to more than 150 different nationalities.


Apart from his role as Councillor, he has also been heavily involved in various other Council committees and Community groups. Most notably, he is the President and co-founder of the Canterbury Harmony group, established in 2006 which consists of over 25 different local cultural communities. In 2015 he was also elected as the Deputy Chair of the Riverwood Community Centre, one of NSW’s most successful and prominent Community Centres. He has also been appointed as a “White Ribbon” Day Ambassador for his work against Domestic Violence.


He continues to use his community experience and local government knowledge to develop strong relationships across the various diverse cultural groups in the local area. He is eager to continue supporting local business to help improve the growth of local infrastructure and make Canterbury  Bankstown an even better place to live and work.