Community stands as one against dumpers

Courtesy of Torch Publishing - 22/8/2007

Community stands as one against dumpers

torch_22082007-dumpersResidents discussed ways to help reduce dumping in local neighbourhoods.

Department of Housing tenants attended an information session on the problem of illegally dumped rubbish and its impacts on the wider community.

Tenants from Canterbury, Strath field and Burwood local government areas were invited to the workshop, which was organised by the Inner West Tenant Council.

The workshop was held as part of the Dumping Is Dumb campaign – a multi-council initiative designed to reduce trends for household and industrial dumping in local neighbourhoods.

“There is no excuse for this behaviour as residents have access to a wide range of options for the removal of unwanted material,” said Canterbury Councillor Karl Saleh.

“As a community we should all be able to work together towards changing attitudes and behaviours that will significantly reduce illegal dumping.”

“This is a problem for the whole community and we have to stand as a community to spread the message to make our streets clean and safe.”

Council officers are patrolling neighbourhoods and can issue on-the-spot fines to individuals and businesses caught dumping rubbish ranging from $70 to $5,000.

Residents can report dumped rubbish to Canterbury City Council on 9789 9300 or the Waste Hotline on 1300 791 222 (multi-lingual service).

Canterbury City Council offers a pre-booked rubbish collections service to its residents. For more details, phone 9789 9300.