Re: ‘Women get in the swim’ – The Torch 12/4/2006


Re: ‘Women get in the swim’ – The Torch 12/4/2006

torch_12042006Dear Councillor Saleh,

Re: ‘Women get in the swim’ – The┬áTorch 12/4/2006.

Many of my elderly patients have on multiple occasions told me that they simply would not comply with a pool based exercise program for their chronic pains, arthritis, back conditions, and just as part of an overall exercise program, because they feel embarrassed and because of religious requirements. These people do not “complain” about not having access to pools, and you will not see them complain in the media because they lack adequate English language skills to play the game of their opponents in the media.

There are in fact a number of pools in existence with women-only days (check with the Parramatta Leagues Club in Parramatta, I think they still have such women-only days).  These places are popular amongst my patients, who travel for such service