Prompt action by council

Courtesy of Torch Publishing - 15/11/2006

Prompt action by council


Until now, I guess like most people, I believed that the only way to get a hearing, when making a point or promoting an issue, with government departments or local councils, was by a show of strength – petitions with many signatures of support for the cause.

The single voice of a resident would never be heard, let alone acted upon. Well, I’d like to assure you, this just isn’t so, well certainly NOT with Canterbury Council.

I had noted over a period of months that an intersection involving my street and a nearby very busy road had become a potential accident site, but not only for vehicles. As there was no concrete footpath in the immediate area, merely a very uneven, part dirt, grass track – impossible in wet weather – pedestrians, especially those with small children, trolleys, and the elderly walked on the road.

While approached by neighbours all agreed to my proposals, I didn’t get written support. Hence, it was with a heavy heart and a sense of impending failure, that I spoke to councillor Karl Saleh (West Ward). With his guidance, and in fact, continued support and interest, I submitted my requests to the appropriate departments at Canterbury Council. Shortly after, I received a number of letters, closely followed by visits, from investigating officers, who noted the issues I had raised first hand.

As a result, temporary improvements were made to the walkway. Linemarkings, signs, etc. were installed to make the intersection safer. A letter was received confirming that costing for a concrete footpath had been done, with actual construction listed in the estimated 2007-08 budget.

So, to Canterbury Council, my sincere thanks. How lucky we are to have such a caring council which still believes that a single voice from the community is important.

Well done Canterbury Council.