Practical advice to keep safe

Practical advice to keep safe

torch_20062007_safetySeniors were given tips on improving personal security and safety around their homes at an information workshop organised by the Inner West Area Tenant Council.

The initiative was presented by Campsie Police Constables Bik Singh and Vince Silvestro, providing practical advice to local tenants of the Department of Housing.

The aim of the workshop was to help seniors learn to live daily life to the full, and without fear, said Cr Karl Saleh, Multicultural Access Worker at Riverwood’s Tenant Resource Service.

“All tenants have the right to feel safe and secure, whether in their own home, or while participating in life’s daily activities,” he told the Torch.

“By working in partnership with the Police and other government agencies, we’re not only improving home security but also we can give our senior residents peace of mind.”