Pocket cards ease confusion

Courtesy of Torch Publishing - 15/6/2005

Pocket cards ease confusion

torch_15062005_articleCommunity members show their new pocket cards at the launch with Pauline Gallagher, Mayor Robert Furolo, Department of Housing Area Director Ray Brincat and Councillor Karl Saleh. Photo by Lee Constable.

The Arabic speaking community who live in public housing in the Canterbury area can now contact essential services in both Arabic and English thanks to a new Tenant Resource Centre initiative.

The Central Sydney South Regional Tenant Resource Service has produced a new “pocket card” to help Arabic speaking tenants, in particular the aged and recent arrivals who often have difficulty in keeping track of telephone numbers that they need to regularly access.

The cards contain contact information for Interpreter services, the Department of Housing maintenance line, Centrelink, emergency services, local services and council.

Karl Saleh of the TRS said the card will benefit people in daily life and fit comfortably into a wallet or purse, meaning it can be quickly accessed when needed.

The project is sponsored by Canterbury City Council and was launched by the Canterbury Mayor Robert Furolo at the CSSRTRS Centre on Thursday.