Parking at Punchbowl Park

Motion moved by Councillor Saleh at the Ordinary Meeting on 23 May 2013


FILE NO: C-123-6 PT4, P-50-9


Min. No. 174 RESOLVED (Councillors Saleh/Azzi)

“1. A report be provided outlining costs and options for the development of on-street angled parking at Punchbowl Park in Viola Street, Punchbowl. The report should also canvass ideas to improve access and utilisation of the existing carpark in Rose Street, Punchbowl, including improved directional signage identifying the location of the carpark and improved pathway access between the carpark and grandstand; and

2. A further report be provided on the possibility of providing a drop-off zone in Viola Street, Punchbowl and improved lighting for training in the park.”