Occasion for ‘thanks’

Courtesy of Torch Publishing - 18/12/2007

Occasion for ‘thanks’

CaptureThe Riverwood Australian Arabic Association (RAAA) held it’s annual dinner to celebrate the year’s achievements at Riverwood Community Centre recently.

The event is seen as a yearly opportunity to thank the local community for it’s support and particularly those who volunteer their time and services for the Association.

During the event, certificates of appreciation were presented to Association members for their contributions to the Association.

“It has been a good 10 years and we have been privileged to have had the opportunity to work with and for the community, but we have a lot left to do and we will continue to work together to achieve even more for our community,” said the Association’s chairperson, Cr Karl Saleh.

The function was also attended by Banks MP Daryl Melham and Canterbury Mayor Robert Furolo.

The Riverwood Australian Arabic Association was established in 1996 to work in partnership with Riverwood Community Centre and Canterbury City Council towards addressing the needs and issues of the Arabic speaking community in local areas.

Pictured — Top: A choir presented an Australian version of the traditional Christmas Carol, Jingle Bells.
Bottom: Recipients of the RAAA’s Certificates of Appreciation for 2007.