Lack of housing under scrutiny

Courtesy of Torch Publishing - 3/11/2004

Lack of housing under scrutiny


A bid to tackle the lack of affordable housing by increased local government involvement was launched last week by Housing Minister Carl Scully.

The minister has been forced to act because the number of residents facing housing stress has risen dramatically.

Housing stress occurs when more than 30 percent of household is spent of rent of mortgage repayments.

Public housing is offering little relief to residents facing housing stress. Some applicants in Canterbury have been waiting more than 15 years to be allocated a public housing tenancy.

Concillor and community housing activist Karl Saleh was in Armidale at the Local Government Association conference to hear Mr Scully’s speech.

“the Federal and State Governments, the council and community groups need to work hard together to ease the housing crisis and implement measures,” she said.

“It is clear the council in the most appropriate position to identify the community need and provide targeted local responses but I think whatever approach is adopted by council there will be cost and resources implications that will need to be managed within the council’s budget and limit of resources.”

The minister is trying to encourage fresh thinking on the issue by setting up an Affordable Housing Awards event, holding more meetings and producing more information.

Canterbury council has already started to respond to the problems and has an affordable housing…