Dumping Dumb

Courtesy of Torch Publishing - 8/8/2007

Dumping Dumb

torch_14032007_cleanupCouncillor Karl Saleh is asking his West Ward community to get behind a joint-council initiative targeting the problem of illegal rubbish dumping.

The recently launched ‘Dumping is Dumb’ campaign has been adopted by the councils of Canterbury, Bankstown, Strathfield and Auburn in an effort to reduce cases of household and industrial dumping in local areas.

“This is a problem for the whole community and we have to stand as a community to spread the message to make our streets clean and safe,” Cr Saleh told the Torch.

“Dumped rubbish is ugly and it is a health risk and harms the environment. Communities need to work together towards cleaning up the streets.”

Council officers patrolling local wards can fine individuals or businesses caught dumping rubbish, with fines ranging from $70 to $5000.

“I don’t believe it’s many people who are dumping rubbish, but it’s a few who make a bad reputation and choose to be selfish and careless on this matter,” he said.

“We have to work together as a community to stop illegal dumping”, says Cr Karl Saleh.