Don’t park on streets

Don’t park on streets

torch_20072011A SIMPLE solution to parking problems around Punch bowl Park on sporting days was revealed in a City of Canterbury report on the matter.

“Investigations into the use of the car park indicated that it was not always being opened on the weekend for the park users,” the report said.

“The car park is now being opened and closed on weekends by our contracted security company.”

A neighbour of Punch bowl Park, Cr Karl Saleh asked that the council look into available methods to ensure that sporting groups controlled where players parked.

His calls were backed by neighbouring residents lodging a petition calling on the council to “urgently investigate options to control sporting event parking”.

The difficulty for the council is that, while inconvenient, park users are not breaking any laws by parking in the surrounding streets and cannot be forced to use the car park.

“Investigations undertaken by the rangers into parking during match days have shown the on-street parking spaces generally occupied, but there was no illegal parking and therefore no infringements were issued,” the report said.

Two options for relieving parking pressure – implementing a resident parking scheme or banning sporting clubs from the park – were considered and rejected.

Instead, the council resolved that sporting clubs would be advised to use the car park, not surrounding residential streets, to park their vehicles.A neighbour of Punch bowl Park, Cr onsite car park, Cr Karl Saleh wants sporting clubs to ensure players and spectators use the onsite car park.