Details sought on gas pipeline

Courtesy of Torch Publishing - 15/3/2006

Details sought on gas pipeline


A project proposal to stretch a gas pipeline through the Canterbury region has been deferred for comment until Canterbury City Council can obtain further information on the plan.

Agility, the management arm of gas provider Australian Gas Light (AGL), is proposing to build a new 500mm-diameter gas main between Casula and Tempe, beginning as early as May.

The Sydney Primary Loop pipeline is expected to improve a more secure gas supply catering to the energy company’s continually expanding Sydney market.

Neither State nor Local government approval is needed for the project, however the plan was put to Council for consideration.

The pipeline would pass through the suburbs of Riverwood and Narwee, Beverly Hills, Roselands, Lakemba, Campsie, Earlwood and Marrickville.

At one point, the planned pipeline runs adjacent to the M5 motorway at Riverwood and Narwee, before crossing underneath at Penshurst Road.

As part of the project, a pressure reduction station is planned for Riverwood at the park between Bonds Road and Karne Street, while an automatic line break valve is pitched for Clemton Park’s Yatama Park.

At last week’s City Services Committee meeting, Councillor Karl Saleh moved that the proposal be deferred for a month.

Council has reportedly written to Agility regarding the separate physical construction issues such as land excavation and laying the pipe.

Council is also concerned over the plan’s legal elements, including compensation costs in relation to a three-metre wide easement over the pipeline and any associated land devaluation.

The proposal will return to the next City Services Committee meeting on April 6.