Clean Up Australia Day 09


Clean Up Australia Day 09

news_09032009_cleanup2Community volunteers across Canterbury Local Government Areas turned up to lend a hand and conducted an excited rubbish collection as part of the annual Clean up Australia Day on Sunday, March 1.

They joined hundreds of others around Canterbury area working to remove and recycle litter from their neighborhoods and help conserve our natural environment.

Before starting the clean up, volunteers received a safety briefing from the site supervisor then it was armed with gloves and garbage bags, they began their assault on the rubbish.

“A total of twenty bagfuls of litter were collected, waste and recyclables consisting mostly of drink bottles and cans and also plastic bags from Endeavour place -Riverwood and Punchbowl Park this year” Deputy Mayor Councillor Karl Saleh said.

“It was great to see so many community volunteers turn up on the day,” Councillor said.

There were a few new faces this year along with the same band of volunteer workers, we have each year, generally, a good support from the community this year.” Clr Saleh added.

Punchbowl Park Site Coordinator Rana Saleh said, “We as a community are developing a greater awareness of the importance of our surroundings and our urgent need to protect our environment .