Candlelight vigil for workers’ safe return

Courtesy of Torch Publishing - 22/8/2007

Candlelight vigil for workers’ safe return

Canterbury Councillor Karl Saleh attended a candlelight vigil in the city last Wednesday for the 21 South Korean aid workers held hostage in Afganistan by Taliban forces.

Members of Campsie’s Korean Society network joined Cr Saleh in taking part in the moving ceremony on the steps of the Town Hall, offering prayers for the workers’ safe return.

“I am pleased to see tonight a gathering of Christians and Muslims, Koreans and Middle Eastern and all other nationalities standing here shoulder to shoulder and hand to hand calling for tolerance, and peace for the sake of a peaceful end to this crisis,” Cr Saleh said in an address to the crowd.

Cr Saleh said the gathering not only reflected Australian qualities of tolerance and peace but also the pride of residents of the City of Canterbury as a strong multicultural community.

He said more than 120 nationalities were represented in the region, making it one of the most diverse cities in the State and one where many cultures had combined to create a single unique culture promoting mutual tolerance and respect.

Cr Karl Saleh is pictured with the President of the Korean Society of Sydney, Willian WH Seung.